Don’t look at me,

Or at least don’t look too deep.

I’m alone and afraid,

my darkness will creep.

Don’t look at me,

I’m afraid that you might

See just a little too much,

And the struggle I fight.

Don’t look at me,

I’m ugly and fat.

That’s what I know to be true,

It’s more than a fact.

Don’t you look at me,

I don’t want to see your eyes.

They judge me and torture me,

I can’t stand to be alive.

Don’t look at me,

I can’t breathe when you do.

All that I feel,

It rips me in two.

Don’t look at me,

In fact just ignore me.

Why can’t you just,

Turn and let me be.

Don’t look at me,

It hurts.

I’ve suffered enough,

Without your smirk.

Please just let me be alone,

I need it for now.

Don’t look at me,

That I will not allow.

Yes it is to you that I speak,

You and you alone.

It is me that I am afraid of,

To look at below.

Don’t look at me, me.

Don’t look at me world.

Let me be by myself.

Let me ball up and curl.

But look at me I’ll try,

Because I know if I do.

I won’t look like the monster,

I know to be true.

You are no demon,

Evil being nor villain.

You are what you are,

Even though this is how you are feeling.

It might not look perfect,

I’ll be the first to say,

But it will look like you,

In all the right ways.


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