For Sunday, January 15th 2017

Let It Be

– stop disturbing or interfering with –

“If you like it, let it be, and if you don’t please do the same.” – Ani DiFranco

Yesterday felt like a dream. Not the peaceful, restful imagining of a good night sleep, yet not quite a terror. It just was, as if I was floating. Whatever caused it seems to have lost reigns today and I can once again sense where I am and the world around me. One thing I did not do yesterday was this – document what was going on. It seems possible that the act of self reflection could influence the outcome of a day, but I don’t think I give it that much power. Sometimes, what I am doing here feels too tried, hurried and fake. Maybe I am awful at it? Maybe I am doing things for all the wrong reasons? Maybe.

I don’t believe I want to allow myself to believe this. I feel better and stronger when I give in to just being and just doing. Analyzing everything is part of my composition, but I am not sure if it applies here. Today I would like to just let things be. Whatever they are, for whatever they are worth. Maybe by not picking it apart I will learn more.

That is my intention today.



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