I am on an adventure. It may not look like the adventure which is so classically defined by those through the wild west or atop a mountain. In Fact, it is an adventure that rarely actually leaves the ground. It is one of my own two feet. No walking or running, nor finding a path of life will this adventure aim to be. I’m not cutting all ties and going to REI to invest in new gear for the road ahead.

Instead, my adventure is me. I have spent my life in such ire of who I am and I intend to find peace and comfort in myself. And although I am not packing my bags for said expedition, I can say that there might be treks through canyons, flights to new places and drives to old haunts. These are not my goals, but possible outlets to find a healthier relationship with myself and the world around me.

Speaking of goals, this quest is not as spontaneous as the movies might suggest. I have some guidelines that I would like to abide by which may aid or guide me through.

  1. Be kind – to others, but most importantly myself.
  2. Practice forgiveness and allow healing.
  3. Be mindful of the present, at peace with the past and hopeful for the future.
  4. Slow down.
  5. Try new things, or even old things in a new way.

Of course, with any good adventure, goals are in a constant state of evolution and can change or become added to. This is just the start.

Starting proves difficult. Each time I try to begin, I feel like I slide down a little deeper. The mud that I’m stuck in multiplies – like the beast hydra – and if you clean part of it away, more reproduces. So as I write an ‘About Me’ for this humble excuse of exploration, I am asking myself, “where do I start?” Theoretically, the start of something is at the beginning. I don’t particularly like to subjugate myself to those regulations. I don’t even know if I believe in the idea of starting something. Why? Ideas, beginnings, life, love the world all started from something else, someone else and from other ideas. Cyclical and fluid, the reality around us evolves out of the past. Does that mean that there is even an end if it never starts? Don’t ask me because I haven’t gotten there yet…

So my adventure is going to start here. In no way is this the sole beginning of the story. Rather, this is one of many, all of which derive from the paths I take, the people I meet and the love that I hope to find within me. Through my words and pictures, I hope that it will give not only you, but me, a better understanding of who I am. I am in no means a professional at any of this, and in fact I don’t claim to be a professional at anything. I’m simply exploring, learning, loving, laughing, failing, rebuilding and breathing. I named my website “Kindness of Words” because I find that more often than not, I am able to offer myself some kindness, forgiveness and love through my words rather than the actions I take. I believe that we all see the world through our own lenses and this is mine.

Thank you very much for your interest and patience. I hope that this small page of limited viewers might inspire both you and me to take an interest in ourselves and the world around us.

Be kind everyone.



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